A Juicer for Baby Food

While at a friend’s house recently, he made me some excellent fruit and vegetable juice with his brand new juicer.  I was quite impressed by how good the juice came out, and he even told me that the reason that he bought it was not to make juice at all, but because the juicer also allowed him to make baby food for their newborn.  This was something that I found fascinating, as I had not been aware that there are juicers out there that can make baby food.  Seeing as how our youngest is still eating baby food, and baby food can end up being quite expensive, I decided that I would look into one of these juicers in order to see whether or not it was something that might end up saving us some money in the long run by allowing us to make our own baby food from home.


    My friend referred me to Veggiefiles.com, which is a site dedicated to juicers, and I found that Veggiefiles.com was rather helpful in helping me to make a decision.  I learned by studying this site that there are many different types of juicers, and not all of them can make baby food, so I realized that I needed to read reviews of the different juicers out there in order to make sure that I did not waste my money on something that would not allow us to make baby food.  I discovered that masticating juicers are the ones that will allow you to make baby food and certain nut butters, but not all of them work this way.  I needed to make sure that it was a cold press juicer that had the ability to make these types of products, and so I looked into a number of different juicers online in order to inform myself and make sure that this would be something that we could afford.

    Two of the top brand names when it comes to juicers are Breville and Omega.  Breville, unfortunately, seems to specialize mainly in centrifugal juicers, which are the very fast, very loud juicers that will make you juice in a matter of minutes.  Centrifugal juicers, however, will not make baby food, as everything is pretty much liquefied in a matter of seconds.  Omega juicers, however, tend to be masticating juicers, and so as long as you choose the right Omega juicer, you will get the added functionality of baby food and nut butters.

    After looking over a number of different juicers, I found an Omega juicer that was within my price range, and according to the reviews that I read, it was able to make baby food.  I went ahead and purchased this Omega juicer, and the moment I started using it, I realized that this was going to end up saving us a whole lot of money on baby food.  All I have to do is put in the ingredients at the right setting, and the juicer does the rest.