Ah, the joys of having an electric cigarette lighter

The heading almost stipulated otherwise. It was almost written that an electronic writer, gosh, let us start this again, that an electronic lighter was to be written about. This is what happens when a habitual smoker is starved of his cigarette. This could have been what happened to the designated writer of this article on cigarette writers. Or perhaps it was the excitement, because these are no ordinary lighters that habitual smokers are waxing lyrical about.

This is one of those articles that every smoker might be dreaming of writing some day. It is a great way to get rid of some of those guilty pangs that all smokers must feel at some stage or another during their smoke-filled lives. The lot of smokers is not getting any easier these days, what with more restrictions being placed on their heavy, tired shoulders. Editors can have their good days too. And when that happens, they can be quite a generous bunch. So imagine the joy of being asked to write an article on just one thing; the all important and, really, quite necessary electric cigarette lighter.  

Perhaps the respective editor already has such a lighter on his desk. For all we know, he could be a smoker too. Nevertheless, there can be nothing better for the habitual smoker in light of all the vagaries and hassles he has to put up with on a daily basis. If you are an ex-smoker, you can only sympathize, surely you will. If you are a non-smoker, well now, you can look dispassionately the other way, but not so fast; this lighter is for you too. Think of this the next time you are trying to light your barbecue coals. It can still be a bright and sunny day, perfect barbecue weather.

electric cigarette lighter

But then the wind decides to pay a visit. Now, because the electric lighter emits no flames and only an electric current, hot enough to light your fire, there is nothing the wind can do. It is destined to fan the flames of hot fires, not electric currents. But electric currents do cause fires. Interesting. Perhaps a good write up for another day when the wind is not blowing and there’s enough smokes to go around in the interest of online creativity (perhaps?). Some creative writers have it all. They work from home which means, of course, that they can puff all day if they wanted to.

But they’re not. Other office bound workers have no choice but to hit the pavements down below. That is to say that they are still allowed to do even this. Assuming they still can, there is little or no time in which to do that delicious smoke. And a lot of time gets wasted trying to light the cigarette with an ineffective contraption in that blasted wind. But with the perfect electric cigarette lighter, no such hold-ups or hang-ups occur.