How to Deal with a Dog Leg Injury

Is your dog hurt? Did they injure their leg? These types of incidents happen a lot more than you would think with animals. They will often try things that their body is not capable of handling, or they will awkwardly land if they are jumping from one surface to another. And the result will be a serious injury to one of their legs. If this happens, you should not panic. What you should do is get your dog to a vet so someone can look at him or her and figure out what to do.

dog leg injury

When you take your dog to the vet, you are giving them the best chance of a full recovery. The vet can easily identify whether it is a broken bone or if something else is wrong. They will recommend whether your dog needs surgery, a brace or some other type of treatment to deal with the dog leg injury they suffered. And your vet can also tell you a little bit about how to prevent these types of incidents from happening in the future. Sure, you cannot protect your dog 24/7, but you can make an effort to change their environment.

For instance, if your dog got hurt because they jumped from one surface onto another one, and the second surface was very slippery, they could have slipped and injured their leg. What you can do is either put a carpet over that part of your house, or ensure your dog does not spend too much time in that area. What you will do here can have a huge role on how your dog feels in the long-term, because you are preventing these types of injuries from happening to them over the next few years. This is as important as any treatment you get today.

In terms of recovery following such an injury, it is all about getting the bones back to where they should be. Sometimes it means surgery, but other times a brace is enough. What you will need to do is keep your dog off their feet for most of the day, so the leg can heal properly. But even if they do try to walk a bit, the brace helps in a huge way. It is almost the same as when humans wear a knee, foot or leg brace, because they need that bit of protection as they go about living their life.

We think that a brace works a lot better as compared to a cast. Sure, you may need a cast for a week or two after surgery, or right as the injury occurs. But if that is not the case, then we think that you should go with a brace. It is a lot easier for the dog to still move around, and the brace is also much easier to remove and readjust if necessary. They will feel more comfortable, and that usually means their recovery is going to go by a lot quicker and in a smoother way.