Marijuana Policy Debates

Are you tired of hearing about how people get arrested for something like possessing marijuana? Yes, it is understandable if someone is found to be under the influence of such a substance when they are driving, but possession? It is nuts to think that someone can have their life completely ruined because they had a few grams of weed on their person. Do we want to live in a society that punishes people in such a way? What are we even achieving with these kinds of systems, beyond creating a system where people are felons for the rest of their life?

Change is always a good thing, especially when it is moving in a progressive direction. And as we can see from the many states who have taken the effort to decriminalize marijuana, we can say that it works. For instance, you can look at Boston and other parts of Massachusetts where they recently set the policy, and the area is benefitting. No, it is not a case where everyone is now free to get high. People live their lives as normal, it is just that they can enjoy marijuana occasionally if they want without having to worry about a cop busting them for smoking in their apartment or carrying it on their person.

If you want to read more about the efforts for decriminalization in that state, you can go here to get some good information As you can see, this was not something that was achieved in one or two days. When you are trying to make positive change, even change that the majority will support, there are so many systems and loopholes that you have to go through. It is not easy to change the wheels of justice, so to speak. But people were committed, and they got the job done.

It is now up to other states to take the initiative themselves. In the United States, each state will set its own policy. Yes, they can get directives from the Federal government, but it is up to them if police officers are going to go around arresting people who are selling marijuana or buying it off the street. While no one wants to create an environment where drug deals are taking place on every street corner, it is also important to understand that not all drugs are the same. Dealing with marijuana the same as harder drugs is not the right approach.

It is a drug that does not even have much of an impact on our bodies. In fact, you can probably do a lot more damage to your body from a night of binge drinking, as compared to consuming too much marijuana. It is something to think about, and you will most definitely want to get yourself into a position where you are thinking critically about these matters. And maybe you will one day have an impact on how marijuana policy is set in your city or state. We can all do our part, because that is how change happens.